Our Vision

Calmer Choice envisions a world in which young people lead lives of kindness and compassion towards themselves and others.

Our Mission

Calmer Choice is a universal prevention program committed to teaching young people how to effectively and safely manage stress and resolve conflict so that they live happy, healthy and successful lives. Our goal is to provide skills that will diminish the risk of violence, substance abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way on purpose to what is happening right now, both internally and externally, with kindness and curiosity (non-judgment) towards ourselves and others.

The mindfulness practice of simply being aware of what is happening - "What sounds are here? What emotions are here? What thoughts are here?" - along with ways to stay in the moment (focus on breath, focus on kindness, gratitude) gives students the ability to regulate themselves; in this awareness they realize they have choices in how they respond to internal and external events.

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About Calmer Choice's programs

  • Calmer Choice is a community-based organization that partners with local schools to teach students mindfulness. These personal and practical skills help them to increase their inner resilience, manage and reduce the impacts of stress, strengthen their ability to control their own emotional responses, and increase their sense of wellbeing. Using these skills in real life situations can empower and protect children and adolescents against the negative effects of stress, violence and bullying, therefore diminishing the risk of violence, substance abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors which often end with tragic results.
  • In the classroom, research has shown that students practicing mindfulness have improved academic achievement and reduced classroom and playground conflicts.
  • Since it was founded, Calmer Choice has grown to provide mindfulness-based inner resilience training, a primary universal prevention program, to more than 5,500 Cape Cod school children in programs held at 18 different schools across 7 separate school districts.

Learn more about our school programs or contact Fiona Jensen at 508-398-0808 or info@calmerchoice.org