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 Personalized Training, Spring 2016

Personalized Training, Spring 2016

Being a business owner on Cape Cod offers many uniqueopportunities and challenges.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could support our workforce to have the skills needed to manage
difficult clients and periods of high stress and demand. What if we could offer brief educational opportunities that have the potential to change the work environment to become more supportive
and improve overall organizational moral.




One Personalized Training Session
This highly engaged one hour session provides participants with an opportunity to experience
mindful awareness for themselves. Some topics include basic brain neuroscience, physiology of
the stress response and how simple mindfulness skills can benefit us all.

Three Personalized Training Sessions
This 3 part series provides participants with on going supportive practice in gaining and utilizing
mindful awareness skills to change behavioral patterns. Each week new topics are explored with
engaged and interesting activities that support learning new skills and mindsets. Participants can
expect to learn new tools to support higher levels of health and happiness both at home and at

How do these trainings help your business?
• Some of our country’s most successful businesses like Google and Aetna have been using
mindfulness training for years, citing an improvement in employee’s emotional
intelligence. In other words, when confronted with difficult and demanding customers or
situations, these employees turn complaints into opportunities because they are not stress
reactive. Their input fosters good relationships with co-workers as well as customers.

• In March 2016, Science Daily online reported the results of a Case Western Reserve
University study, suggesting that a corporate culture of mindfulness improves focus and
cohesion among coworkers, as well as making them better at managing stress on the job.

• A 2012 study shows employees who learn mindfulness are able to generate more creative
solutions and ideas, and are more open to hearing original ideas from others.

• Additionally, studies show an increase in mindfulness training can prevent workplace
injury and hazards. Even PG & E, one of the largest natural gas and electric utility
companies in the US, has adopted mindfulness training as a way to increase safety, as
well as productivity and stress resiliency.