Interview with Margie Huggard



What is your connection to Calmer Choice?  I am a Business Alliance Partner of Calmer Choice's.   I have known Fiona Jensen for a few years and then I took a mindful self awareness class this summer at Willowbend  

 How did you hear about Calmer Choice?

I heard about Calmer Choice through a training with Diane Kovanda, Kind Yoga School.  

What’s your role/work in the community?
I am the owner of a Retail/Design shop, Margo's, located in Osterville and have been there for 20 years. I am a member of O.B.P.A. and also live in the town. I am currently on the Board of WE CAN, located in Harwich Port and now Falmouth. WE CAN empowers women through positive change in their lives and offers a unique program.  I always look for ways to give back. 
How do you help Calmer Choice?  What do you bring to the program? 
The ways I help Calmer Choice is through communicating about the work that Calmer Choice does for children and their families as well as being a Business Alliance Partner. I believe spreading the word and supporting the programs will be key to having this become the success it deserves.

What inspired you most about joining the Calmer Choice Business Alliance team?
I think that involving whole communities will be a good way to let people know about Calmer Choice. Being a mother and grandmother I see the amount of stress and anxiety that is distracting. It is the entire family that is affected. When businesses get involved in a community people will start to notice the credibility and intentions. 

Do you have a vision for the future of Calmer Choice.
I see the need to have this program  taught to everyone. This is the only way to start to make a change in the future footprint of how we think and handle stress. I know that it will need to start with changing the way that people look at this and have people trust that this is an important part of our children's futureMy vision would be to have this become part of all curriculum in schools everywhere. 

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