Calmer Choice Interview with musician and mom Sarah Swain


What’s your role/work in the community and how did you first encounter Calmer Choice?I am a mother of 3, a local musician, president/founder of Cape Wellness Collaborative and Cape Cod Women's Music Festival. I first heard of Calmer Choice years ago through a friend and thought it was a wonderful initiative and was thrilled when it was implemented into my daughters 3rd grade curriculum at this year at Chatham Elementary.  

Tell us about your kids experience with Calmer Choice; ages, school and what they have shared. My daughter had a wonderful experience, the tools and brain science she learned from Calmer Choice have benefited her and the whole family. 

What impact if any have you personally observed?My daughter has always had an active creative mind, which is a great thing - but it has made bedtime a challenge. I was blown away when she used, and has continued to use, the tools she learned at Calmer Choice (belly breathing and starfish relaxation) to calm her thoughts and go to sleep peacefully (and on her own!). Also, when her thoughts turn negative or she is upset, I give her a que to "use the 5 finger breathing" and the results are amazing. To see a young child be aware of the power of her own thoughts and have tools tools to change their trajectory is extraordinary. Our whole family is so grateful to Calmer Choice. 

What do you see as the major benefits to having Calmer Choice program in your local school? Do you have a vision for the future of Calmer Choice, or mindfulness and education in general?  In my opinion mindfulness education like Calmer Choice provides should be part of K-12 school curriculum. I believe teaching mindfulness would benefit childen in so many ways from increasing kindness and compassion for others, reliving test anxiety, give tools for navigating social and emotional stresses and general mental health and feelings of well being.