Liliana Bejarano

1.) What has inspired you lately? The demonstrations of support of the people after the tragedy that is facing my country of origin, Colombia. Friday night -March 31, 2017- three rivers overflowed and devastated the city of Mocoa, killing at least 300 people and leaving vulnerable at least 45.000 more. Every day there are uncountable stories of anonymous heroes that have rescued people trapped in the mud, rocks and debris. Groups of neighbors and volunteers have sheltered and fed the survivors, and donations from all over the country have been delivered and keep arriving. This demonstration of love makes me believe in the good nature of people.


2.)    What is the best advice you have ever received? “Don't make any decision in the midst of a storm”


3.)    What is something that might surprise people about Calmer Choice? The target population for Calmer Choice programming is youth in grades K-12 approximately 25,000 students in Cape Cod.


4.)    What is your favorite thing about working for Calmer Choice? When the students recall moments where a breathing exercise helped them to calm down.


5.)    What is your favorite movie?  The Italian movie “La vita e bella” “Life is Beautiful”