Letter from the chairman of the board

February 2017

There is a phrase once appropriated by Robert Kennedy that purportedly originated as a Chinese curse that goes.."May You Live In Interesting Times".  Though intended to suggest that a life of hyper-activity and uncertainty is one of distress and discomfort, this is not always the case.

For Calmer Choice, 2016 was indeed  filled with interesting events; at times stressful & uncertain, yet just as often with great surprises in the form of unexpected support.  We met with generous donors, passionate parents and partnered with ever more schools.  We weathered a few storms but found that the great majority on our peninsula share our vision of..."A world in which young people lead lives of kindness and compassion towards themselves and others".


2017 I can promise you will be equally interesting.  With promising results from studies out of both MIT and Yale soon to be released, the current launch of the first district wide multi-year program in Falmouth as well as having our Executive Director present on a national stage, 2017 should prove to be interesting, very interesting. 


Please join us for the adventure, and as always, thank you for your continuing support.