Year End Appeal

It’s a typical Thursday morning at a local elementary school on Cape Cod. Tally, a 3rd grader, is sitting patiently, waiting for her Calmer Choice instructor to arrive.

Like many students, here on Cape Cod and across the nation, Tally struggles with anxiety. But, what would have been a challenge for her one month ago, is now something she can do on her own - sitting quietly at her desk, waiting for Miss Sarah to show up. She is excited.

When asked, Tally credits this change to Calmer Choice. Others also notice a difference; from her teacher who has observed Tally doing her five-finger breathing on her own, to her siblings who have seen her calm herself down during arguments, to her Mom, who has watched her facial expressions change from aggravation to calmness in a few short minutes. 

This would not have happened six months ago, before Calmer Choice. 

Stories like these are shared with us weekly by parents and teachers. Stories of students finding healthier ways to behave and finding relief from worry through what they learn in Calmer Choice. That awareness...the space between a thought and an action…is a way to respond rather than react.

With your support today, you can help more children like Tally—your young neighbors and future leaders of our beloved region.

Your gift allows Calmer Choice to continue teaching mindfulness and improving the quality of children’s lives, right here in your community and in our Cape Cod schools.

This past school year, Calmer Choice had the privilege of working with researchers at Yale University as part of a multi-year project, measuring the impact and benefits of our program.

The preliminary results have been overwhelmingly positive.  Students who participated in Calmer Choice programming:

  • Showed better self-control
  • Increased ability to plan, organize and complete complex  tasks
  • Displayed less test anxiety and less anxiety overall
  • Gained a more positive perspective of school
  • Reported being happier

You may be pleased to know that, with your partnership, Calmer Choice has been able to reach over 6,000 children on Cape Cod from Falmouth to Provincetown!

Thanks to donors like you, Calmer Choice is creating change in our children’s lives at school, at home and in the community overall.

There are many more children like Tally who are waiting for help to grow into mindful and responsible adults.  Please make a year-end donation today.  Your contribution will have an immediate and significant impact on the children of Cape[W1] [a2]  Cod and beyond.

Tally and all of us at Calmer Choice thank you for your support!

With gratitude and kindness,
Fiona Jensen
Founder and Executive Director

P.S. You may securely donate online at or send a check in the envelope included. And remember, you can use your donor advised fund accounts to support us!  Please be as generous as you can. Thank you!